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We are a Beverage company Established in Nepal. Drive by "Quality leads to a healthy life"  We are here to uplift the economic Condition of Our Land and provide proper facilities in the field of Beverage providing a quality products of globe and make easily avilable to doors of our consumer.

In Recent Monent we are unching; O-KEE VitaminDrink which offers you a range of refreshing drinks enriched with vitamins and minerals. Developed with the help of health and nutritional specialists, our products are intend to a very large public. This is a drink for the whole family and for all ages, from the school children up to the top sport athletes. O-KEE VitaminDrink brings you a supplement of vitamins and minerals that are necessary for proper functioning and balance of the body. You can feel a sensation of well being and a decrease of fatigue, the body is better prepared to fight against viruses and external aggressions. O-KEE VitaminDrink can be consumed at any time of day or night as a soda or as a nutritional supplement. All products used in the composition of our drinks are of natural origin, we do not use any synthetic products added. We do not use any products containing caffeine or taurine, highly damaging to health.

Committed to Quality

Quality is not just a phrase at Excel, it is a way of working. Every process is checked twice by our dedicated team, in our quality control laboratory, because nothing is left to chance when it comes to providing the finest quality to our business partners. Our belief in high qualities, is supported by our state of art R&D and our processing pilot plant. By constantly investing on R&D with the latest machineries we have always matched demanding international standard.

Maintain the Ecological Standard. 

It goes without saying that we take stringent measures to ensure that no damage is done to the environment . Strictly controlled manufacturing processes and international environmental protection standards are always followed for our products in keeping with our clean and green philosophy. We believe that a clean environment is the key to a better future. Cutting Edge Customer Solutions. From reputed Composite mills to 100% EOU units and humble hand processors to fully computerized processing plants, both national, and international customers on our impressive clients list, have one common assurance. The assurance that we never miss a deadline. We have maximized the use of modern technology, to meet and exceed client expectations. Since our customers are our biggest assets, we spare no expense on initiatives that enables us to retain them for years. We quickly analyze their needs and made tailor made solutions, at value for money prices. In fact, we even work on a client’s problems in processing and offer free solutions with absolutely no strings attached. Beyond the Expectations. Excel Colour-chem, has proved beyond a doubt that we deserve our place of leadership in industry. We however are not satisfied to rest on our achievements. There is more to be done, more to be achieved in the near future with our soul hearted commitment to our work. In Excel, we believe in the fact that excellence is not a fixed point to reach. Excellence is going beyond perception of what is best and reaching out to something even better. Support. In Excel Colour-chem, we have dedicated technical teams, to provide full technical support as per our clients’ needs. We assure that with our motivated sales and technical teams our clients are pleased to remain attached with us for long lasting years.